The Morgan Horse was originally the traditional Calvary horse: sturdy, reliable, extremely well-mannered, and the perfect endurance and all around horse.  Today, high quality gaited Morgan Horses are hard to find. We have searched the nation to put together an entire collection of Gaited Morgan Horses (along with the few non-gaited) to create the smooth, well rounded horse. The Gaited Morgan has the endurance of the Arabian, the smoothness of the Paso-Fino, the sturdiness of the Mustang, with the heart of Thoroughbred and the Quarter Horse.

The Finest Quality Gaited Morgan Horses
Lancelot Morgans
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The first Morgan out raced, out pulled, and out trotted the competition. They were then a favorite in the Civil War for their courage and endurance. The best were tested in 300 mile marches and selected as the calvary horse. Many sent west worked in war, on ranches, hunting trails, and were prized for their smooth gait. They were the first true American horse born of war.
The movie war War Horse is the tale of WWI but could be of the civil war and the challenge and refinement of the Morgan.. Largely the WESTERN WORKING MORGAN