Lancelot Morgans combines fine breeding and optimal training centers to provide the ultimate of horses. 

The Morgan Horse was originally the traditional Calvary horse: sturdy, reliable, extremely well-mannered, and the perfect endurance and all around horse.  Today, high quality gaited Morgan Horses are hard to find. We have searched the nation to put together an entire collection of Gaited Morgan Horses (along with the few non-gaited) to create the smooth, well rounded horse. The Gaited Morgan is the endurance of the Arabian, the smoothness of the Paso-Fino, the sturdiness of the Mustang, with the heart of Thoroughbred and the Quarter Horse.

Our training facility includes 2 water runs, one of which is deep enough for the horses to swim through, 80 acres of pasture, carriages, and a training and riding ring.  All horses are handled and trained daily.  We pay special attention to our babies to make sure they are well-mannered, calm, and well-trained. We have bred and trained horses so that the horse may have no fears, no obstacles it may not be able to cross, no event it cannot achieve, and the strength to do it all for days on end.

While the website is under construction, click here to see pictures of our gorgeous Morgan Horses.

The Finest Quality Gaited Morgan Horses
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